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Seek Help for Meniscal Tear from a First Ave, Seattle Walk-In Clinic

A meniscal tear is an injury that no athlete wants to feel—the knees twist, and suddenly, you hear a popping sound coupled with a sharp, knife-like pain, and then the knee gives way beneath you. Meniscal tears, while not necessarily career-ending, are injuries that can render an athlete inactive for an entire season, and require him to visit a provider of urgent care in First Ave, Seattle regularly. This injury is exactly what Chicago Bulls point guard and NBA 2011 MVP Derrick Rose suffered recently. Sports Illustrated reports on Rose’s current status:

“Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is out for the season after he underwent successful surgery to repair his torn medial meniscus in his right knee, the team announced on Monday (November 25, 2013).

Rose, the 2011 NBA MVP who missed all of last season after tearing his left ACL in the 2012 playoffs, played in 10 games this season, averaging 15.9 points per game and 4.3 assists in 31.1 minutes.

Rose injured the knee in the third quarter of the Bulls’ loss in Portland on Friday night (November 22, 2013). Bulls team physician Brian Cole, who also repaired Rose’s torn ACL, performed the surgery Monday morning.”

Rose isn’t the only NBA athlete to suffer a meniscal tear. In a 21-season span, the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) identified 129 individual cases of meniscal tears in the NBA. The injuries often occurred during official games, AJSM claims. The number of missed games for meniscal tear sufferers can be anywhere between 41 and 70 days.

Meniscal tears don’t solely affect NBA players, either. The injury can also be seen in athletes that play tennis, hockey, and any sport that involves abrupt stops and cuts. In 2011, Texas Rangers reliever Mike Gonzales had his meniscus give out on him during that year’s World Series. Slugger Alex Rodriguez injured his knee when he attempted to run to home plate during the New York Yankees’ game against the Chicago Cubs last June 19, 2013. That’s not even mentioning the countless other athletes who suffer similar fates each season.

Initial treatment for meniscal tear typically involves the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Patients don’t have to see a surgeon immediately unless they have a locked knee, a condition where the meniscus is caught between the bones of the knee joint. However, if the patient is unsure how to proceed, or if the pain persists for a week or more, it is still advisable to seek medical attention from U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group’s trusted First Ave, Seattle walk in clinic.

(Article Excerpt and Image from “Derrick Rose out for season after knee surgery,” Sports Illustrated Wire, Nov. 25, 2013)


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