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Urgent Care in First Ave., Seattle Gears Up as Flu Activity Continues

Winter flu season is in full swing and, due perhaps in part to the cold snap that swept the nation in December and January and kept people indoors, data suggests that more individuals are getting sick this year. Federal- and state-level agencies are monitoring the situation, according to an article in Occupational Health & Safety:

State Health

“CDC and state health departments across the country are keeping a wary eye on influenza activity and reminding Americans who have not yet received a flu vaccine why they should get one. CDC’s FluView report for the week of Jan. 5-11 showed that all 10 HHS surveillance regions reported influenza-like illness activity above their region-specific baseline level for the week.

CDC’s FluView report showed that, of 10,841 specimens tested and reported during Jan. 5-11 by U.S. World Health Organization and National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System collaborating laboratories, 2,721 (25.1 percent) were positive for influenza. The proportion of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza was above the epidemic threshold during the week, it states.”

With the increased incidence of flu-like illness across the nation, government health agencies are campaigning for individuals and families to consider flu vaccination. This should help to contain the spread of the disease and avoid the situation turning into a much more costly epidemic.

The ideal time for receiving the flu vaccine was in October and the government’s most recent calls for vaccination may have come a bit late for those who have forgotten to get their shots before the flu season. In order to avoid complications, visiting a First Ave., Seattle walk-in clinic at the first sign of influenza is advisable for residents in this area who’ve missed the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Elevated flu activity raises the need for reliable urgent care in First Ave., Seattle. However, reliable urgent care centers like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group are confident that they can attend to every patient accordingly.

(Article Information and Image from CDC, State Health Departments Watching Flu Activity Closely, Occupational Health & Safety, January 20, 2014)



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