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Asthma: A Common Reason to Visit a First Ave, Seattle Walk-In Clinic

Any health expert would say that riding a bike for one’s morning commute is a healthy, enjoyable way of getting to and from just about anywhere. That may be true for the most part, but the Seattle Bike Blog says that it’s not always the case in Seattle, Washington. A 2010 study conducted by the Transportation Research Board revealed that some bike routes in the city, like the Elliott Bay Trail, are actually hazardous to bikers because of the amount of air pollution they are exposed to.

some seattle bike routes have healthier air than others

Carbon emissions from vehicles, which not even the best protective gear can shield a person from, are known to cause ailments like lung cancer, stroke, and asthma. Of all these diseases, asthma is the most common—even children can contract the disease once they’re exposed to airborne pollutants. Incidentally, people with asthma are also likely to develop allergies, particularly from pollen, dust, and other particles. An effective cure for asthma and allergies doesn’t exist yet, but their symptoms can be alleviated with the help of certain medical treatments. A reputable First Ave, Seattle walk-in clinic, like the one run by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, can provide such treatments through their urgent care services.

Even controlling the symptoms of asthma is not an easy task because just a whiff of indoor air can trigger an asthmatic reaction. However, not all asthma “triggers” are universal, as some people react to the scent of upholstery or carpets, while others don’t. Therefore, effective asthma control is done on an individual basis, with anti-inflammatory medications and therapy thrown into the mix.

The exact causes of asthma aren’t clear, although current research suggests that genetics plays a role. One theory even claims that advances in medicine and personal hygiene may have contributed to the prevalence of asthma amongst people. It explains that humans naturally create antibodies in their system after they’ve been exposed to a particular allergen. While a clean and healthy environment doesn’t contain allergens, this also makes it an unconducive environment for antibodies.

Regardless if this theory holds water, providers of urgent care in First Ave, Seattle can’t fight asthma alone. It doesn’t matter if they have the disease or not; people should avoid potential triggers wherever possible. This means that bikers need to wear all the necessary gear to protect themselves from the pollution in a typical Seattle commute. They might want to avoid Elliott Bay during the springtime, too.

(Source: Some Seattle bike routes have healthier air than others, Seattle Bike Blog, February 24, 2014)


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