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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Urgent Care Centers in Georgetown

You never know when your day will take a sudden turn for the worse. Even if an injury or illness might seem non-life-threatening, you must act quickly. A trip to the ER, however, can be expensive. Going into a Georgetown urgent care center might be a better alternative. To better understand how these facilities work, there are some questions you should take into consideration.

Georgetown urgent care center

Can I Be Seen Without an Appointment?

Urgent care means you need to be seen now. Therefore, you never need to schedule an appointment. Customers are able to walk in an urgent care clinic in Georgetown and get in line. In fact, you can sometimes even book ahead online to reduce an already low wait time.

Will I Need to Show My Insurance Card?

In order to bill your insurance, the urgent care staff will need a copy of your insurance card. If you are unable to provide it at the time services are rendered, however, you can do so later. You can always bring it in at a more convenient time after you have received medical attention for any non-life-threatening condition you have.
What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Urgent care billing staffs understand that not everyone has insurance, and medical bills can become costly. Even if that is the case, you will not be turned down for the services you need. Instead, they will work with you and your budget to come up with self-pay rates that are reasonable for your individual circumstances. Considering that recent studies have shown a trip to an urgent care facility is, on average, $600 cheaper than the ER, you should not have trouble finding an action plan that works for you.

How Long Must I Wait to Be Seen?

You typically won’t have to wait longer than an hour to be seen in urgent care. If your situation calls for urgent attention, you may even be bumped up on the list. Do understand the general nature of urgent care, however. Since they see patients on a walk-in basis, there are those times when there are a larger than normal number of patients in line. Rest assured, however, that all efforts are made to get to ensure you wait as little as possible.


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