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How Urgent Care Facilities Act as the Affordable Care Act’s Safety Net

You’re dealing with a health problem that has just come up and your doctor can’t squeeze you in for days. It’s a frustrating dilemma that everyone runs up against at some point in their lives. You have two options. You can wait it out and try to doctor yourself. You can visit the emergency room, but you’re not faced with a life-threatening condition. Urgent care offers you another alternative when you seek medical care. Urgent care clinics in places like Georgetown are rising to the challenge of more patients due to the Affordable Care Act. Consider five reasons that walk-in clinics have become a safety net since the federal government has insisted on health insurance for all Americans.


If You Have Insurance, You Might as Well Use

In the past, many Americans did not have any type of health insurance in place. As a result, the uninsured avoided costly visits to the doctor’s office. That’s all changed since the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, went into effect. Urgent care in Georgetown or anywhere else offers patients an additional option for care now that patients don’t have to face a costly bill.

Urgent Care is Convenient

Convenience is appealing when looking for medical services. Patients can drop by without an appointment. They can stop in on the weekends or during the evening hours. When emergency services are not necessary and the doctor’s office is booked up, urgent care provides patients with another alternative.

It’s a Cost-Effective Alternative

With ACA insurance, co-pays are very reasonable at urgent care facilities. They cannot be substituted for the resources that are provided by an emergency room when someone is in need of dire assistance nor are they meant to be the main source of medical assistance. Urgent care clinics, however, fill the gaps in health care.

A Range of Services is Available

Urgent care offers more than services for minor injuries and acute illnesses. Patients can walk in for a physical, vaccination for work, diagnostics, and screenings.

Trained Professionals are Available

When individuals are sick or hurt, they want professional assistance. Urgent care clinics provide patients with a full staff that includes nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors to attend to all of patient needs. Patients may see different staff members with each visit, but they will receive qualified care.


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