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Summer Camping Safety Tips from a Local Georgetown Urgent Care Center

It’s that time of the year again! The sun is out, the weather is perfect, and there’s no better way to spend summer days than being outdoors. And, there’s really no better location than the Iron Horse State Park. Whether you’re going with your friends or family, always keep in mind the importance of taking precautionary steps so that you will stay safe during the course of your summer activities.

Summer Camping

For those who will be going camping, a local Georgetown urgent care center gives these tips on what you should do to avoid injuries and accidents, and more importantly, what you should do in the event that you are injured.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Regardless of whether you will be driving your RV or hiking to your campsite, you should be mindful of wearing weather-appropriate clothes. Wear light, cotton, breathable fabrics so that your body will be able to more easily let out internal heat. This should also aid in keeping your temperature in check, helping you avoid the possibility of heat related illness.

Additionally,  your clothing should help protect you from plants and insects that may potentially cause rashes, itchiness, or trigger certain allergies. Familiarize yourself first with the location of your campsite so that you can be aware in advance of the surroundings.

Mind Your Footing

Walking through the forest or hiking up a mountain are fun activities while camping. However, you should be mindful of where you’re steppingbecause the slightest misstep can cause you to fall, twist your ankle, or break a bone.

Other instances that could lead you to unfortunate accidents include loose soil, uneven ground or muddy ground.

Beware the Insects

Since you will be outdoors, you should expect that there will be a lot of insects in the area. To protect yourself from bites, make sure to bring the necessary spraysand ointments to help keep insects away. Should you prefer to bring a spray, make sure thatit is water-based and will not cause harm to the environment. Keeping your tent screens zipped will also keep them at bay, especially during the night.

Considering the possible injuries while camping, make sure to always bring your first aid kit. Thus, should an accident occur, you and your group will be ready to act on it immediately. More importantly, bring the injured person to a nearby urgent care center in Georgetown, such as U.S. HealthWorks, so that full and proper medical attention can be administered.

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