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Urgent Care Share Tips in Preventing Asthma in Tough Muddler Seattle

From majestic landscapes to diverse West Coast obstacle courses, the Tough Muddler Seattle is absolutely an event to watch out for. Held on the 24th and 25th of September, this event allows you and your family to have fun under the sun with a ton of games that are suitable for people of all ages.


But while it offers an opportunity for you to experience new trails and meet new friends, the challenging activities, along with a variety of environmental factors present in this event, can trigger an asthma episode.

As a precautionary measure, urgent care specialists from Georgetown, Seattle are here to provide you valuable tips on how to effectively prevent an asthma attack.

Consult Your Doctor

Before signing up for this event, it is best that you consult your doctor and obtain a medical approval first, especially since this event includes strenuous activities that can prompt an asthma episode.

Additionally, it is recommended for you to recognize your own asthma triggers so you can readily avoid contact with them. For instance, if your condition is triggered by bad air quality, you can ask your doctor if wearing a mask can help you lessen your probability of suffering from asthma while you are on the course.

By knowing your asthma triggers, you can effectively create an asthma management plan with your doctor.

Track Your Asthma Episodes

Asthma attacks can vary, depending on triggers present in the environment and the severity of the disease itself. As a preventive measure, it is best that you buy a peak flow meter from your doctor so you can monitor your condition.

Get professional help and learn about how you can track your airways. By doing so, you can learn whether your body can handle tough activities on diverse courses  before the event. More importantly, knowing the severity of an attack can also enable you to pack the medications deemed necessary should an asthma attack occur.

Wear Protective Clothing and Mask

Since the Tough Muddler Seattle event is an outdoor activity, it is best that you wear a facemask, especially if the track is surrounded by a variety of asthma triggers.

Don’t panic if you suddenly find yourself in the onset of an asthma attack. Instead, stop immediately and rest, then grab your inhaler and take prescribed medications. For more severe cases, make sure that you turn to urgent care facilities in Georgetown, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, to provide you with immediate medical treatment.

Asthma should not have to stop you from participating in outdoor events. With an asthma management plan, you can take on the world without worrying about the coughing and wheezing.

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