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Lifehacks for Easy Raking This Fall, Free of Urgent Care Clinic Visits

If there’s one unavoidable task this fall, it’s raking the detritus of once lush, blossoming trees. Yes, those mountains of leaves on your yard. Feeling the wind blow and watching leaves fall while sitting on your porch can be relaxing, but when it’s time to wield the rake, your body may pay the price for your idleness.

As with most strenuous activities, your muscles will be forced to work harder than normal. Every fall, homeowners rush to Georgetown urgent care clinics for a checkup after injuring their back while raking. To avoid the same fate, you should learn some life hacks for easier raking without pain.

Raking this Fall

Befriend the Wind 

Between you and the wind, the latter always wins. So, instead of fighting it, make it your friend. Avoid raking on extremely windy days because it will complicate collection of leaves, therefore increasing the demands on your body, such as raking harder than you should.

If you have no other choice but to rake on a windy day, then don’t rake, pull or push against the wind. Use the breeze to help you collect the leaves by creating leaf piles downwind from the point you begin hauling them.

Patience is a Virtue 

The sight of a front lawn filled with leaves can be annoying to you and neighbors; however, it’s better to wait it out than to rake every week, unless you are in top physical condition. Let the leaves fall until the branches are bare before raking. This way, you can rake all the leaves without worrying about a repeat performance only days later.

Choose Your Weapon 

Wielding a big, heavy rake can put too much strain on your body. Choose the right tool for your size and weight. It’s best to use a lighter tool that’s easier to handle so that your shoulders and arms won’t have to struggle excessively with the weight.

Condition Your Body 

Your muscles need to be prepared for the task at hand. You can do this by warming up and doing light stretches for 10 minutes before you start raking. Concentrate on back, neck, shoulder, arm, and leg stretches.

These life hacks seem pretty simple, but they can save you a trip to a provider of urgent care in Georgetown. Fall is for relaxation and enjoyment at home, so don’t let a painful back ruin it for you. Follow these techniques and enjoy an apple cider after cleaning up your yard. 

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