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Urgent Care Tips: How to Prepare for a 5K Half Marathon

Running is a great way to get in shape, however to some, it is much more than exercise. In fact some people consider running a sport; one that requires months … Continue reading

March 15, 2016

Seattle Urgent Care Urges You to Keep Warm During the Cupid’s Run

The annual Cupid’s Run outdoor race for charity is a great way to show your passion for a cause that is important to you. While running outside in your underwear … Continue reading

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How Urgent Care Facilities Act as the Affordable Care Act’s Safety Net

You’re dealing with a health problem that has just come up and your doctor can’t squeeze you in for days. It’s a frustrating dilemma that everyone runs up against at … Continue reading

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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Urgent Care Centers in Georgetown

You never know when your day will take a sudden turn for the worse. Even if an injury or illness might seem non-life-threatening, you must act quickly. A trip to … Continue reading

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Gadgets and Rashes: Georgetown Urgent Care Center on Nickel Allergy

For all their usefulness, tablets and other mobile devices get a lot of flak for how they cause people to disengage from the real world. Now, pundits might have another … Continue reading

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Urgent Care in Seattle (First Ave)—Measles Detected at Sea-Tac Airport

Measles is uncommon in the United States because it has been eliminated more than a decade ago, and most people have been vaccinated from it. However, for those who haven’t … Continue reading

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Asthma: A Common Reason to Visit a First Ave, Seattle Walk-In Clinic

Any health expert would say that riding a bike for one’s morning commute is a healthy, enjoyable way of getting to and from just about anywhere. That may be true … Continue reading

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